About Us

Pure Diets India Limited with a modest beginning in 2006 is now a global company with overseas operations spanning from USA to Europe. Started with the sole motive of providing healthy food products to customers all-round the globe, therein began our research on Organic Standards and Organic farming.

It took some years of study on organic food items produced world over to decide on the products that the company would deal in. Currently, PDIL does business in bulk organic ingredients such as sugar, molasses, alcohol, tapioca starch & fibre, mango puree, corn, soybean and desiccated coconut.

To ensure that all the products are free of any kind of contamination, be it pesticides, chemicals, antibiotics etc.; PDIL monitors the produce right from the farm level, to production at the factories and then at the warehousing & shipment stage.

With the intention of exercising a tight control on the quality of the final products, Pure Diets India Ltd. has opted to have its own organic projects, wherein more than 18000 farmers are trained and monitored to practice organic farming.

Realising that organic farming is a tough choice for the farmer, we provide him with all kinds of technical, financial, moral and marketing support. For today's farmers, after having had the luxury of using urea, once in a while indiscriminately spraying the field with pesticides, insecticides, weedicides, and then sitting back to see his crop flourish; hard work does not come easy. Adopting organic practices means making a hard choice: taking a lot of care, making an effort to pluck the weeds out, preparing bio-pesticides, making bio-fertilizers, labouring on the land and tending to the field.

PDIL has a very stringent set-up to ensure that everything delivered is completely organic. Each step is monitored by the Organic Certifying Agency - Uttaranchal State Organic Certification Agency (USOCA) – approved by APEDA (Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority), Government of India, BIOCERT , NOCA and CUC. We follow good manufacturing practices and our plants are GMP+, HACCP and ISO 22000 certified. Several of our products are Kosher certified as well.

For Pure Life, the farmers are our business partners and thus their rights are ensured at every stage. They are given a fair share, and thus a few of the Pure Life products are fair-trade certified. Our first Fairtrade project, a sugarcane-growing village in Karnataka, India, received its first Fairtrade premium in October last year.

Pure Diets India Ltd. is certified by USOCA, approved by APEDA, for NPOP, NOP, EU standards. It is also GMP, Kosher, ISO 22000 & HACCP and Fairtrade certified.
Fair Trade
With six more village societies slated to get Fairtrade certified, Pure Life plans to help as many more farmers as possible.
Upcoming Products
We are continuously striving to increase our product kitty and offer as many healthy organic products / ingredients to customers worldwide.