• Sugar

    All our sugar is extracted from sugarcane juice. We produce wide varieties of Organic Sugar right from 40 icumsa to 2300 icumsa i.e. White refined, Extra Light, Golden, Raw and Demarara. The sugar is packed and distributed in 25 kg paper bags and 1 ton jumbo bags.

  • Molasses

    During the sugar making process, juice extracted from sugarcane is boiled down until the sugar crystallizes. This is then further processed in a centrifugal machine to separate the crystal and the left over liquid. This liquid is referred to as molasses. Our Molasses is rich, viscous and high in vitamins and mineral contents. It offers the best nutrients and has versatile usage in industries like baking, alcohol or sugar.

  • Rectified Spirit and Alcohol

    Rectified spirit is a neutral spirit purified by rectification process and has 96% alcohol by volume.  It can be used in the Drink & Beverage, pharmaceutical, fuel or chemical industry respectively.

  • Mango Puree

    Our puree is derived from fully ripened delicious alphanso mangoes produced in Dhadwad , Karnataka. It is processed in the most hygienic conditions and packed as Aseptic Organic Puree in 216 kg plastic drums.

Pure Diets India Ltd. is certified by USOCA, approved by APEDA, for NPOP, NOP, EU standards. It is also GMP, Kosher, ISO 22000 & HACCP and Fairtrade certified.
Fair Trade
With six more village societies slated to get Fairtrade certified, Pure Life plans to help as many more farmers as possible.
Upcoming Products
We are continuously striving to increase our product kitty and offer as many healthy organic products / ingredients to customers worldwide.