With years of research and perseverance we are now able to supply world class products to customers which undergo strict monitoring and surveillance right from the farm level, to the processing plant, to warehousing and shipment.

We make huge investments in ensuring the quality of products.

These investments go in the -

Regular training and development of the farmers.

Regular Internal audits.

Regular project inspection from various certifying agencies like USOCA, CUC, BIOCERT, Flo-Cert, Kosher and KVQA.

We do regular lab testing at the time of production and shipments. We test in world renowned labs like Eurofins, Germany and RCA Labs, India.

All our packing materials are also tested to ensure that they conform to food grade and internationally exportable standards.

Besides testing done by us, our certification agencies also draw samples at various pre and post production stages. As the certification agencies get the testing done from NABL laboratories, full proof conclusiveness of the product is established.

Our experienced staff and food technologist monitor the farm and factory produce round the clock to ensure the best quality organic products.

To merit an organic certification, the internal controls are meticulously monitored, right from the sowing of the seed, to the harvesting and the warehousing.

Pure Diets India Ltd. is certified by USOCA, approved by APEDA, for NPOP, NOP, EU standards. It is also GMP, Kosher, ISO 22000 & HACCP and Fairtrade certified.
Fair Trade
With six more village societies slated to get Fairtrade certified, Pure Life plans to help as many more farmers as possible.
Upcoming Products
We are continuously striving to increase our product kitty and offer as many healthy organic products / ingredients to customers worldwide.